Hotel Koruna

Self-service reception

Will you arrive late in the evening or when the receptionist is not available or just don’t want to linger at the reception? The self-service kiosk is available for you at any time.

How does the self-service check-in work?

  • Choose and reserve a room that suits you on our website.
  • The booking confirmation will be sent to your email, we will also send you an SMS with the most important information.
  • At the hotel, log in at the kiosk with the sent reservation number and your surname, then fill in your details by scanning a valid ID card (foreigners use passport)
  • Agree to the hotel’s terms and conditions and pay for your stay contactless with a payment card (if you have not already paid through the reservation system on the hotel’s website)
  • The kiosk will issue you a receipt, a confirmation with the room number and a card for the room, hotel and lift.

Use the kiosk to find out guest information or arrange for the possible replacement of a lost room entry card.

If you are not sure about something, please contact our 24-hour helpline on +420 777 747 047.

check-in kiosek